Save Money & CO²

Hotwater loss becomes hotwater profit!

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Don't let money and CO² go down the drain

Recover It!

Simple & Efficient

  • Simple to install
  • Works all year round
  • Passive system; no pumps, controllers, electricity or noise
  • No maintenance required

Save Money

  • e.g for a Low average heating usage of £1,000 per annum at around 60% efficiency & 20% on DHW, you would accrue £132 per annum savings, payback 3.7 years.

Regulation Benefits

  • Comply with Part L at a lower capital cost
  • Circa 3-8% above TER, or same as 0.24kW peak (Southfacing) of PV
  • £ per % point = some 70% better than solar thermal (£43/point vs £160/point)
  • Save between 300kg and 1000kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year!
  • WRAS & Gastec approved
  • More cost effective than MVHR

It's really very simple...

How It Works!

Get Shower Save Today

Simple: A copper, pipe in pipe, heat exchanger that extracts heat from water that would normally flow down the drain.
Around 60% efficient depending on flowrate: Cut down on hot water heating bills & Save CO².
Less £s than panels: Typically 80% – BUT same benefits, no maintenance and works year round.
Achieve Code: Architect, M&E consultant or SAP assessor? Achieve the Code for less than other technologies in SAP.

Comes in two versions
Recoh-vert is for residential properties whilst multi-vert if for sports centres and other commercial buildings

  • Vertical
    Recoh-vert - economic option for upstairs showers
  • Multiple

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