Joulia Inline

The Showersave Joulia Drain sits perfectly in our portfolio of energy recovery systems. It is wonderfully simple and brilliantly designed while working in a similar way to our existing, proven vertical systems.

Instead of flushing valuable energy straight down the drain, the Showersave Joulia Drain helps to keep in the home, and helps plug the last gaping hole in an otherwise perfectly insulated home.

Wonderfully simple and brilliantly designed



The Showersave Joulia Drain is suitable for Apartments, bungalows, Retrofit in bathroom refurbishments and wet rooms.


The Joulia Drain works in the same way as our Vertical System . With the Showersave “Joulia” drain, heat recovery is straight forward. This scalable heat recovery module is invisibly integrated into a slim channel in the shower floor, and efficiently recovers heat energy from the warm shower water as it goes down the drain.

The Joulia Drain comes in two versions:

  • 5 pipe which is the most efficient model and is 120mm deep
  • 3 pipe which is only 89mm deep, but slightly less efficient
Please refer to the installation guide for for further details.

“The technical implementation seems very professional. Joulia-Inline should be in every home!”

(Swiss Design Awards – Judging Panel)


Maintenance & Cleaning

All parts of the heat exchanger can easily be cleaned, serviced or even replaced. For cleaning you can simply remove the green trap cover to access the heat recovery module. Any residues can by easily removed by using a brush and mild detergent.


All components of the Joulia-inline technology were developed according to the test criteria of KIWA as well as of SVGW, and are registered there for certification. The integrated trap meets the requirements of EN1253.


  • Simple to install in single storey dwellings, especially apartments.
  • Cleverly designed to ensure ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Compact design – same size as standard drains without heat exchangers
  • Integrated, designed and approved trap – no need for external trap
  • >35% efficiency @ 11 l/min
  • Saves as much energy per year in a 4 person household as 8m² of Photovoltaics would create


The QB-1 range,a tubular heat exchanger suitable for first-floor showers, comes in three versions. The QB1-21 (standard), QB1-21C & QB1-21D

C is for the Cyclone inlet option, which adds 1.2% efficiency at a 11 litres/min flow rate.

D is for the Double QB1 model for higher flow rate installations.

The QB1-21 The QB1-21C in action The QB1-21 up close The QB1-21D



Shower-save Technology

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