The CoFlo is large parallel heat exchanger, suitable for large-scale commercial applications


CoFlo consists of 4, 6 or 8 parallel joined tubular heat exchangers (Recoh-vert). Depending on the requirements, the number of heat exchangers is chosen. These can be delivered in three different lengths. Every heat exchanger consists of three tubes. The inner pipe, with a diameter of 50mm, is the waste water drain pipe. The cold mains water that is to be preheated flows upwards through the annular space between both pipes. The heat exchangers have a double wall separation between sewage and drinking water.

The combined waste water of the showers in a building flows to the CoFlo. In the CoFlo the cold mains water for the showers is preheated by the warm waste water.

The supplied water from the showers spread over the heat exchangers by means of a divider and flows to the sewer under gravity. At the same time the cold mains water flows up through the heat exchanger and the heat is exchanged.

CoFlo is suitable for heat recovery in buildings with a lot of showers, such as swimming pools, sports facilities, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Also in industrial enterprises the heat from the waste water can be easily utilized.

CoFlo is an extension of this successful, credible, simple and costs effective system. BUT it deals with a greater flow of hot water and in doing so, delivers significant returns on investment. The 50 or so systems already installed in Europe are generating levels of efficiency at around 25-35%, depending on application; realizing rates of return on investment often >18%..

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