The QB-1 range,a tubular heat exchanger suitable for first-floor showers, comes in three versions. The QB1-21 (standard), QB1-21C & QB1-21D

C is for the Cyclone inlet option, which adds 1.2% efficiency at a 11 litres/min flow rate.

D is for the Double QB1 model for higher flow rate installations.

The QB1-21 The QB1-21C in action The QB1-21 up close The QB1-21D

The heat exchanger consists of three tubes. The inner pipe, with a diameter of 50 mm, is the waste water drain pipe. The cold water mains that is to be preheated flows upwards through the annular space between both pipes. The heat exchanger has a double wall separation between sewage and drinking water.

By applying the QB-1 the cold water going to the water heater and the shower's mixer tap will be preheated. The water heater needs to work less then half of it's capacity during a shower. For dwellings savings over 200m³ gas a year can be achieved.

The QB-1 can be used in dwellings that have the shower on the first floor. Besides dwellings the QB-1t can also be used in hotels, apartments, nursing homes, swimming pools, hospitals, industrial applications, etc.


The Showersave QB-1 is recognised by BRE in SAP under Appendix Q as well as in the Product Characteristics database of SAP 2012. It is around 60% efficient (depending on flowrate) and therefore significantly improves the Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) ensuring carbon targets are achieved at the lowest possible cost and without the need to install renewables.

The inner pipe is twin walled copper with an air gap. This ensures compliance with EN1717, where an air break to drain is required. In other words - you do not need to keep the drain OPEN as some competing systems do. This ensures NO opportunity for nasty smells to eminate from the system. It also insulates the system against noise.

The system has no pumps, controllers or electrical connections. This ensures that it is simple to install and requires no maintenance over its life which which is expected to be in excess of 20 years.

Information for architects, M&E consultants and SAP assessors

  • Achieve carbon targets for less capital outlay than other technologies included within SAP. At around £47/% point in SAP (compared to £160/% point for solar thermal) the Showersave system will give your calcualtions a quick and easy boost to ensure Part L compliance.
  • The Showersave system ensures any condenasation accumulated is despatched directly to the drain as a result of our unique twin copper wall on the inside of the heat exchanger. Some of the competing products in the Waste Water Heat Recovery category within SAP 2012 do not have this ability and therefore must keep the drain open. Therefore, increasing the possibility of nasty smells coming from the system. The twin wall also ensures there is very little noise.

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